Cultural Center

The public institution Cultural Center Stara Pazova celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2010. By the Resolution of the National Committee of the Municipality of Stara Pazova from 26 December 1960, the University Radnički of Stara Pazova was established in order to meet the needs of the citizens in the field of education and culture. On June 30, 1994, the Municipal Council of Stara Pazova established the Public Institution Cultural Center of Stara Pazova, which is the legal successor of the University Radnički of Stara Pazova. In the past fifty years, the Cultural Center Stara Pazova has realized its program goals and tasks in the literacy of the citizens, their additional training or retraining, distribution of cultural heritage, organization of both professional and amateur cultural events and contributed to the development of the creative potentials of young and talented people from the territory of Stara Pazova.

Address: Svetosavska 27, Stara Pazova; Phone: 022 /312-114, 022/ 311-104; Mail:,,