Our urban and rural settlements

Most often there are stories about the name of each settlement that can often serve in the reconstruction of the genesis. Stara Pazova had the name Pazova until the formation of Nova Pazova (late 18th century). Its first mention of Pazuha dates back to the end of the 15th century. The priest Simeon Aranički (1911) said that Pazova was given the name by the Pazuha sconce. The sconce represents a military fortification, which indicates that this name may originate from the period of the Military Krajina (1701-1871). In the historical records Stara Pazova is mentioned by the name Pazuha, Pazuva, Pazua and Pazova (Bojović V., 2004). The settlements of Stara Pazova have an interesting historiography of the name. The oldest settlements are Belegiš, Vojka and Surduk, first mentioned in the XV century and Stari Banovci and Golubinci in the 16th century. Other places we formed during the XVIII century. The names are of diverse origin, from zoogeographical (Golubinci), geomorphological (Surduk) to personal names like Bela Kiš (Belegiš), Ban Milisav (Banovci), the alewife Vojka (Vojka) and Krnjo (Krnješevci). The most recently established settlements were given an adjective “novi”(i.e. new) meaning that they are the latest formed settlements (Novi Banovci and Nova Pazova).