Nova Pazova

Map-Nova Pazova

Map-Nova Pazova

Nova Pazova is a developed settlement of the Pannonian type in Vojvodina in the Srem district and the largest settlement in the municipality of Stara Pazova located 25 km northwest of Belgrade. According to the 2011 census, the total population in Nova Pazova is 17,105. The city has an infrastructure-oriented industrial zone that has a very interesting position because it is located on the Belgrade-Novi Sad highway.


Thus, the railway passes next to it (Belgrade-Šid-Zagreb towards Europe), the road M-22 (M-75, Belgrade-Novi Sad-Subotica-Budapest) passes along Stari and Novi Banovci, and 75% of the surface is the airport Batajnica. The road M-1 (E-70) Belgrade-Zagreb passes on the west side of the village, at a distance of 15 km. Nova Pazova is 6 km away from Stara Pazova, 4 km from Vojka, 6 km from Banovci. Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport in Surčin is located about 20 km from Nova Pazova.