About Pazova events

There are many manifestations of a different character in the municipality of Stara Pazova. The most common are the manifestations of a cultural, sport, economic and tourist significance, which is the main patron of the municipality of Stara Pazova. The tourist organization of the municipality of Stara Pazova organizes, helps and supports many events. The most important tourist manifestations are:

Carriage festival

Revues and competitions of carriages traditionally take place in most municipal towns. They are organized first in Golubinci, then in Stari Banovci, and in Surduk. They gather a large number of lovers of horses and horse breeders from all the parts of Srem and beyond. Carriages cherish horsemanship and save the spirit of past times from oblivion.


Mačkare represents an old custom traditionally held for 200 years in Golubinci, and depending on the event, it is organized in February or in March. The event lasts for three days, it starts with a masquerade ball, followed by the costume ball where the masks are competing, and on the last day is a carnival with over 500 masks.

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