Gajić Pond – Stara Pazova
Gajić Pond - Stara Pazova
Gajić Pond – Stara Pazova

Gajić Pond represents an artificial water body, which is used for the exploitation of clay for the needs of the brick. For years, it has also beenused as a resting place for fishermen. Some of the protected bird species live here. The pondhas plenty of fish, so people come here for fishing and recreation. It is located at the entrance to Stara Pazova from the direction of Vojka, on the side of the Belgrade-Zagreb highway, a couple of hundred meters after the overpass, on the left side of the road. Its surface is about 6 ha.

The river islands of  Belegiš – Belegiš

These river islands are named after the village of Belegiš and are located about 36 kilometers north of Belgrade. Today, they are considered to be the small river oases for campers and nature, river and fishing lovers. On the larger river island, there is a large sandy beach that does not lag behind the one at sea, and the sandy bottom and trees give it a shade for a break, which makes this beach really exceptional.

Vineyard Keeper’s Housesand vineyards Vagani – Golubinci

Vaganiis boththe orchards and vineyards located in the middle of a gentle Srem flat land, on the far edge of Fruška Gora, which was favorable for the cultivation of these crops. Vagani represents the traditional excursion place of people who live there.This place is named after its location. This is a peaceful and authentic natural environment with 15 vineyard keeper’s houses, without water and electricity, like in the past. During spring and summer there is an inevitable tableware from vineyard peaches, pears, apples, grapes, rosemary brandy, and unavoidable stew.




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