Flora and fauna

In the municipality of Stara Pazova, the natural vegetation occupies very small areas. The most common woody plants in our area are maple, elm, acacia, birch, elder, willow, linden and poplar. Forest vegetation covers only 4 km2, while meadows, pastures and marshy wetland vegetation occupy almost 8 km2. The dominant landscapes on the territory of this municipality are arable lands and other agricultural areas. Free areas with natural vegetation cover the alluvial plain of the Danube, a loess plateau and a loess terrace. The entire alluvial plain is under a wild vegetation. It is made up mostly of the willow and poplar forests, while in the valley of Budoar there are the groves of acacia or willow.

There is only one protected monument of nature in the municipality of Stara Pazova. It is the tree of white poplar near Stara Pazova, which is a very beautiful and developed specimen of its kind. This monument of nature is located next to the regional road R-106, that goes from Stara Pazova to Stari Banovci. The animal world is also poor. The scarce plant world does not encourage wildlife and other animal species. Regarding the game, there are rabbits, roe deer and pheasants, which are less likely to meet along the roads, and more often in the arable land and in the area of ​​the alluvial plain of the Danube.

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