Restaurant Putnik – Stara Pazova

This restaurant was founded in 1976 with headquarters in Karađorđeva Street 92 in Stara Pazova. This is a family restaurant, and the catering tradition of the restaurant owner, the Pekeč family, dates back to 1958. It has the capacity of 70 seats inside the object and of 40 seatsin the garden. The restaurant also has its own parking for guests. It offers as well a wide range of traditional Serbian and Vojvodina dishes (cooked, grilled dishes and fish). The restaurant works every day from 6:30 to 23:00.

Phone: 022 / 312-112, 065 / 420-00-09




Restaurant Gurman IN – Stara Pazova

The restaurant Gurman IN is located in Novosadska Street 19 in Stara Pazova. It is a family restaurant that exists since 2009. It is known for the local cuisine: specialties from grill, rolled veal and chitterlings. It has a capacity of 50 seats inside the object and 50 seats in the garden. The restaurant works from 07-23h, while the restaurant does not workon Sunday.

Phone: 022 313 715

Mobile: 063 665 485

Restaurant Staro mesto – Nova Pazova

The restaurant Staro Mesto is located on the old road Belgrade-Novi Sad in Cara Dušana Street 34 in Nova Pazova. Staro Mesto preserves the spirit of past times, since it is located in the old Vojvodina house where modern details make both the old and new look perfect together. Moreover, the home atmosphere and refined style captivate the warmth of a home. The food that is made according to the recipes of our grandmothers, provides ambience with a hedonistic feeling and comfort. The specialty of the restaurant is veal baked in clay pot amongst live coalsand stuffed pork fillet in kajmak sauce. The restaurant has the capacity of 40 seats and 40 seats in the garden. It works from 7: 30-24h.

Phone: 022 / 329-900



Restaurant Venecija – Stari Banovci

The restaurant Venecija has its long family tradition that has been passed from generation to generation since 1956. In this restaurant there is the rule that service, cuisine and appearance must be at the highest level. By definition, the restaurant offers fish specialties, the best fish soup, whereby Venecija is widely known. One of the specifics of the restaurant is that the fish here isgrilled or cooked in a traditional way in the old frying pans. The fish is purchased from the local fishermen and it is always fresh. On the menu one can findperch, catfish, sterlet and other river and sea fish as well as many chicken and turkey specialties and specialties made out of pork meat. There is a large selection of drinks and desserts. The restaurant works from 10-24h.

Address: Stevana Tišme 2, Stari Banovci

Phone: 022 / 351-671


Fish restaurant Priča – Novi Banovci

There is a fish restaurant Priča in the oldest house in the center of Novi Banovci which was built in the XVIII century as a typical military border building. Moreover, it has long served as a post office. The restaurant is authentic, modest, simple with a warm home atmosphere. In the ethno ambience, one can findon the menu the champion fish soup, fresh fish, seafood, specialties from grill and dishes on order with excellent wines from the local winery. The restaurant has a capacity of 50 seatsinside the object andof 40 seats in the garden. The parking is provided for the guests. Reservations are required at weekends. The restaurant works from 10-24 h.

Address: Svetosavska 89, Novi Banovci

Phone: 022 / 342-639



Restaurant Dunavska terasa – Novi Banovci

The traditional restaurant Dunavska Terasa is located in Novi Banovci in Belgrade Street 103. It was built in 1969, it has the provided access to the Danube and a perfect view from both terraces. Besides fish specialties, one can have the opportunity to eat trout and grilled perch, and to try the perch fillet. If you want to feel the smell of the sea on the Danube, you will also find on the menu the following fish seafood specialties: European bass, the gilt-head (sea) bream, grilled squid etc. Besides these specialties, there are also cold and warm appetizers, soups, dishes on order, grilled dishes and various salads, cheese, desserts and dishes for children. The restaurant has a capacity of 150 seats, which are arranged to the hall and two terraces.

Address: Beogradska 103, Novi Banovci

Phone: 022 / 349-696

Mob: 063 86 98 250



Restaurant Maligan – Surduk

The story of the restaurant Maligan is the story of 4 generations of the Čolaković family. Its first pages has been written by Mr.Jefta Čolaković in 1934. Since then, many visitors have been hosted.They have been writing the story, for almost a century, by adding to it their precious moments spent in this restaurant. The generations of the guests and owners pass one after another. However, the essence of the story does not change because the time does not go by in that story, and the delicious dishes and good wine wipe away all the worries. The traditional fish broth and stew, fresh river and sea fish, homemade sausages, hamburgers, Wiener Schnitzel, chicken fillet, Karađorđe’s schnitzel, mixed meat, salads, side dishes, desserts, traditional homemade wine etc. The restaurant has the capacity of 50 seats inside the object and of 50 guests in the garden. The reservations are mandatory at weekends. The restaurant works from 11-23h.

 Address: Cara Dušana 3, Surduk

Phone: 022/371-409,



Ethno restaurant Kućerak u Sremu – Surduk

Ethno restaurant Kućerak u Sremu - Surduk
Ethno restaurant Kućerak u Sremu – Surduk

The ethno restaurant Kućerak u Sremu, located in Brđanska Street 9 in Surduk, exists since 2012. It is situated in the German house that is 127 years old. This restaurant is well known for its specialties. It has the capacity of 30 seats inside the object and of 120 seats in the garden. It works from 8-24h. There is the possibility of organizing the boat trip along the Danube, renting the fishing boat and organizing the carriage ride through the village.

Address: Brđanska 9, Surduk

Phone: 065 8358335

Fb Page:

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