The most important historical figures


There are some significant historical figures that due to their effort and strengths of character and work have contributed to the development, progress and fame of this municipality. Đorđe Vitez Glumac, who was a part of the ritual order of the Austrian state, was born in 1772 in Stara Pazova. Jan Blazi, a teacher born in 1783 in Stara Pazova, was a lecturer at the grammar school in Vrbas, one of the oldest schools in the country. Evgenije Jovanović, born In 1802, in Golubinci, was the bishop of Upper Carinthia. Kosta Ruvarac was born in 1837 in Stari Banovci. He was a writer, a literary historian and a critic. Aleksandar Nikolajević, who was a doctor of surgery and obstetrics, was born in Golubinci in 1845. Viktor Rup was born in 1874. He was a lawyer who contributed to the development of Stara Pazova. Ljudmila Hurban was born in 1878 in Stara Pazova. She was a writer, publicist, actress and parish priestess in the evangelical church. Kosta Petrović was born in 1884 in Novi Banovci. He was not only a professor in the high school in Sremski Karlovci, but also a museum worker and historian.Vladimir Konštantin Hurban VHV, who was an evangelical priest, writer, actor and director,was born in 1884 in Stara Pazova. Dušan J. Popović was born in 1894 in Surduk. He was a historian and professor at the university. Branislav Vranešević was born in Belegiš in 1903. He was a historian and professor at the university. Branko Vukajlović, who was a politician and minister of finance of the Republic of Serbia, was born in 1911 in Golubinci. Mihal Filip was born in 1915 in Stara Pazova. He was a linguist, director, historian and a pedagogue.Sreta Kovačević was born in Golubinci in 1920. He was a politician and vice-president  of the assembly of the SFRY. Kosta Tomašević was born in 1923 in Stari Banovci. He was a P.E. teacher, one of the founders of the club Red Star from Belgrade. He also played for the national team of Yugoslavia and trained several clubs abroad. Đurđica Petrović was born in 1927 in Stara Pazova.She was an ethnologist and professor at the university. Miloš Bakić, who was a jurist, public prosecutor and deputy, was born in 1929 in Stara Pazova. Mira Brtka was born in 1930 in Novi Banovci. She was a painter and director. Borislav Banovčanin, born in 1932 in Golubinci, was a veterinary physicianand university professor. This is just a part of the most important historical figures in our community.


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