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The Municipality of Stara Pazova
The Municipality of Stara Pazova – Google map

 The Municipality of Stara Pazova is located in Vojvodina in the northern part of the Republic of Serbia. Its territory covers an area of ​​351 km², where 65,792 inhabitants live according to the 2011 census. The municipality integrates nine administrative settlements: the municipal center of Stara Pazova, then Nova Pazova, Stari Banovci, Novi Banovci, Belegiš, Surduk, Golubinci, Vojka, Krnješevci and one formal settlement called Petrović salaš.

Stara Pazova is characterized by a very favorable tourist-geographical position because it is located approximately in the middle of the Belgrade-Novi Sad road, only 30 km away from the capital city, and 40 km from the administrative center of Novi Sad. This territory is one of the very few in Serbia that is permeated by all three European Corridors: E-70 (Belgrade-Zagreb), E-75 (Belgrade-Novi Sad) and corridor VII (The Danube River). The favorable traffic and geographical position go well with the proximity of the international Nikola Tesla airport, which is 25 km away from the center of the municipality, which also represents the possibility of combining different types of traffic: road, rail, river and air.


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