The museum Macura – Novi Banovci

 The museum Macura - Novi Banovci

The museum Macura – Novi Banovci-foto archive museum

The Museum Macura is located in Novi Banovci, on the right bank of the Danube. The museum is named after its owner and collector Vladimir Macura. It was opened in May 2008 as the first private museum in our country. The art collection is one of the largest private collections of neo-avant-garde art in this region. It is surrounded by a park, orchards, park sculptures and leisure facilities for guests. The orchard has the characteristics of a special museum collection, because it contains the old varieties of apples and pears that have disappeared from our region.

Besides being an exhibition space, the museum functions as well as a cultural space, because a variety of performances, concerts, theater performances, film screenings and lectures take place here.


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