Guardians of tradition

DSC_0468-8The people here managed to preserve their customs, tradition, gastronomic specialties and the folk costumes. Especially interesting is the Slovak folk costume, that the elderly people still wear every day. It consists of the colorful skirts, embroidered aprons, knitted wests as well as beautiful colored scarves.

The association of women in our municipality take care of old handicrafts such as crochet, knitting, embroidered towels, tablecloths and similar artworks in order to save them from oblivion. Besides the creative workshops, which are often organized by some of the citizens’ associations and groups, they try to preservethe heritage of the old traditional specialties: dough, cakes, donuts, noodles with poppy seeds, buns. In almost all municipalities there are several associations of women and citizens: Mimoza from Novi Banovci, I love Banovci from Banovci, Jefimija from Surduk, Golubice from Golubinci, Vesele Sremice from Golubinci, Ruzmarin from Golubinci, Nova Pazova from Nova Pazova, the association of women Jagodice,the association of women Branko Radičević and the association of women Janko Čmelik Hero from Stara Pazova.

There are numerous artistic-cultural societies on the municipality of Stara Pazova, such as Dukat from Stara Pazova, Branko Radičević also from Stara Pazova, Janko Čmelik from Stara Pazova,Mladost from Nova Pazova, Branko Markovićfrom Surduk, Mitanče from Belegiš, Slavko Gajin from Vojka, Golubinci from Golubinci, Tomislav from Golubinci. They are all trying to preserve and save the old folklore, dancing games, songs, music, choral singing, especially from Srem, Vojvodina, as well as from the other parts of our country.

IMG_0062-768x550The Croatian Cultural and Educational Society Tomislav from Golubinci was founded in 2002. It has a large number of members, while the president of the society is Mr. Vlatko Ćaćić. The society saves the traditional customs, music and folklore from the oblivion. It also organizes various events, of which the most important are Mačkare and The evenings and nights of Ilija Žarković Žabar. One more attraction this society is famous for is the presentation of the customs of the traditional wedding party.

 SACS (Serbian artistic-cultural society) Janko Čmelik Heropreserves and saves the culture, tradition and customs of the Slovaks from Stara Pazova. It represents the most massive association not only in Vojvodina but in the wide world as well. The association also deals with the theatrical art, folklore, choir, orchestra, ethnographic settings, publishing of calendars, etc. It was founded in 1948 as a cultural association, and in 1956 it was officially named the Slovak Cultural and Art Society Janko Čmelik Hero. The cultural and artistic life of Slovaks from Pazova began in the 18th century, while they joined and played together in the form of a choir in 1870 for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the arrival of Slovaks in Stara Pazova.

Stevan Vidović Brica from Golubinci, a farmer and acoachman, a poet and a knight with a sad face, has long become recognizable by his gentlemanlike image: a black hat and vest, always dressed in a white shirt, baggy baize cloth trousersand pitch black slippers. Brica lived in the world of rural women, messuages, tipplers, tamburritzzas, and could not imagine his life without the parade horsesand parade horse equipment.Thus, no horse parade could pass without him and his horses. Moreover, he always announced his participation by the same verse: “In my glass, the horses are trotting.” In that way, he preserved the old speech of Srem.

126 naslovna cmyk nesredjeno_resizeBranko Oreščanin was born in 1949 in Novi Karlovci. He was engaged in painting since childhood, but professionally since 1969. He had 30 individual and more than 200 group exhibitions in the country and abroad. He is a participant of several art colonies and has won several painting awards. He considers painting to be his realism with the shades of expressionism in the techniques of oil on canvas, watercolors and drawings. He is the author of a book with pictures about Srem, Vojvodina and Stara Pazova. In his paintings, he preserves the spirit of the past, the famous people of this region and the outward outlook of the former streets and houses. He lives and creates in Stara Pazova.


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