The Temple of Translation of Relics of the Saint Father Nicholas – Belegiš

The first Orthodox temple in Belegiš was built of wicker and mud. The new sacral building was erected in 1731 and the second church was built in 1766. The new church of St. Nicholas’ father was built from 1924-1927. The temple in Belegiš is a monumental building, unusually large in size for the place where it is located. It represents a significant example of church building from the first half of the last century. Defined as a Serbian national style, this architectural direction inherited the best from the tradition of the medieval Serbian architecture and adapted it to the needs and new understanding of a church architecture. The examples of the renovation of the national style are rare in a church building in Srem, while the church in Belegiš is best represented by all the features of this style during the third decade of the last century, expressing its full maturity.

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